3 days in!

The No Sugar Diet

This is one of the hardest things to do. Like most working mums looking after everyone else and making sure both kids get out on time comes first and my needs come last. Also, when you’re running late (like I nearly always am!) it’s much easier to catch something on the go. This is probably the worst thing to do on a morning as most convenient breakfast foods are packed with sugar, in fact most cereals are packed with sugar!

Luckily, I attend a lot of networking events which, generally, include a meal so in a morning this makes It easy to have a really healthy breakfast. Which is bacon, eggs and baked beans. This is a really healthy breakfast if it is cooked properly and the fat is trimmed off. Doesn’t make lunch or dinner easy though!

Training for a half marathon

Honestly? I have done nothing towards this so far. I have to do something exercise wise. These next 4 weeks are supposed to be part of becoming healthier, not just about looking good. At the moment I can’t run up 2 flights of stairs without needing a paramedic!

Looking after my skin with Arbonne

20160411_080002.jpgThis is me before I started my skincare regime. After not doing anything with my skin for years this has been the easiest thing to do! I have been coasting with my skin for year thinking that it was all down to genetics and as my parents had good skin then I would automatically get it. However, one thing I have learnt from Arbonne is that good skin is only 10% genetics! My mum has been following the 3 steps of good skin care for more than 20 years why did I think it was genetics??

If you are not doing anything for your skin, then please start!

Becoming Tee Total

So far, given that it’s only been 3 working days this hasn’t been too difficult. Having said that my drinking has been so bad that just one stressful day at work, and I have a stressful work life, would lead to 2 large glasses of wine. Once you get out of the habit of drinking not drinking gets much easier. Drinking has so many bad effects on the body and just 2 that I am aware of are the redness of your skin and that it slows your metabolism. I’m going to look into this further so I am armed for next time!

Thought of the Blog

Well that’s been the last 3 days of my life. It hasn’t always been easy but what is in life? On top of trying to make drastic changes to my lifestyle I’ve also had a husband full of cold and my lovely parents away on holiday.


These are my amazing parents

It’s always great for my mum and dad to go on holiday cos if I don’t appreciate them before they go then I definitely do when they return! So let’s all spare a thoughts for parents who help us to run our hectic lives! My parents are one in a million, they help with my kids, my life and are always there for me no matter what, even if dad is a bit of a moaner! Nothing can rival the love of your parents if you still have them make sure you appreciate them!



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