The No Sugar Diet

Well there’s been a lot of challenges between Thursday and Sunday! Friday included afternoon tea with friends which I managed to get through without Prosecco or cake, hurrah! After going home to see the family for a few hours I went to my parents’ house to watch the Rugby match. This wouldn’t normally be so difficult where sugar is concerned but my dad left chocolate out on the worktop… was calling to me but I managed to ignore it.

Saturday was fine. I signed up with slimming world in order to keep everything else on track. It’s alright saying no sugar but there are plenty of “bad” things you can eat without sugar!20160417_194102.jpg

The hardest day was undoubtedly Sunday! Had homemade vegetable
soup for lunch but got so ravenous that I had a banana (sugar alert!) but then in the afternoon the kids made cookies with icing and chocolate stars on top! The whole family had cookies after tea and it’s fair to say I was like a dog salivating at a treat! Didn’t cave in though…..yeah me!

Training for a half marathon

I started! As part of Slimming World you can get awards for getting active as well as for the weight you lose so this is an incentive for me. The person I am aiming to get back to managed to get to target by running so this is what I am going to do. I started on Saturday by walking part of the way to the Slimming World meeting (13 minutes) and then went for a walk today (Sunday) while my daughter had a dance lesson (30 minutes).

More importantly I have a goal! I have entered a 5k run! It’s seems quite cathartic but the run I have entered is the first timed run I ever did 8 years ago. That’s it now no chickening out!

Looking after my skin with Arbonne

I can see a difference already and you really don’t need much product! It’s part of my routine now and I haven’t missed one morning or evening. In the past when people have told me that it doesn’t take very long to carry out your skincare routine I didn’t believe them but it is true. Maybe it’s because the cleanser is a face wash and the toner is a spray so there is no faffing around with cotton wool but it definitely is fast!

Becoming Tee Total

This is the best thing I have done so far. I’m not saying that I will be 20160415_132639.jpgteetotal for life but it has made a massive difference.

This weekend has been so busy. One of the reasons for all these changes was that I wanted to go back to being a better person in every aspect of my life. Being tee total means that I no longer feel bad on a morning and can get on with things. This weekend entailed washing all the covers on the sofa and cooking.

The cooking might not seem much but I haven’t cooked for around 5 years!

Thought of the blog

Life is not easy and is full of temptation of one sort or another but it’s about how you deal with the temptation which is important. We, the family, had a big discussion today around putting out good vibes. Lots of coaches will tell you that it’s about having a can do attitude and maybe it’s true. If you doubt you can do something does it stop you doing it? At the moment for me it’s all about having the right attitude and having your head in the right frame of mind. That doesn’t mean that I won’t ever fall off one wagon or another but I know I’ll pick myself up the next day and that’s the important thing. It’s not about making the mistake it’s about how you deal with it afterwards

Here’s to the next 7 days and everything it brings!


2 thoughts on “It’s been a whole week and I’ve managed a weekend!

  1. I am amazed at your positive attitude it’s a long time since you’ve been so personally motivated. Yes with your business and your job you’ve always been but since your thyroid scare and op you lost the personal get up and go so good to see you on your way to your old self

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