The first weekend of my challenge is over….is the week going to be easy!

So during last week I managed to ignore alcohol and didn’t cave into the home made biscuits even though (according to the husband) I was watching the family eat them like I was a begging dog. So, I thought the week would be easy but it wasn’t and here’s why……..


It’s been a busy week this week but my hardest day was Tuesday. I was out from 6am and stayed in a hotel overnight. I didn’t make time to eat lunch so by the time the evening came around I was tired and hungry but knew that I still needed to exercise. So I decided to leave eating and relaxing until I had exercised and this is where it all went down hill. After I had done my 30 minutes I came back to the room and received an email which, probably due to being tired and hungry, I read the wrong way and that was it. The tears came and the first thing I thought was “*&!? this, I’m having a drink!” Thank goodness that I didn’t! If I had the only person that would have suffered is me. I know that, for me personally, that would have been the end of everything once I would have one drink I would have started again.


As you will know, if you have read earlier blogs, I gave up sugar when I first started this blog but that I have also joined Slimming World in order that I don’t replace sugar with other food that is just as bad for you. The basic concepts of Slimming World are that I can eat as much fruit, veg, meat, fish, rice and pasta as I like but other carbohydrates and dairy is restricted. Anything beyond that list, and over the restricted carbohydrates and dairy are then classed as Syns and you are allowed between 5 and 15 Syns a day.

The Tuesday that I found difficult in terms of alcohol wasn’t the best day in terms of food either. I didn’t have processed sugar but I did skip a meal and then had a prepacked sandwich with a packet of crisps. Not the best I’m sure you will agree, but at least it wasn’t sugar!



Tuesday was a tough day in terms of food and alcohol but I did finally do some decent exercise. I hope the weather was good wherever you were on Tuesday because it was glorious where I was! So I decided to make the most of the weather and the hotel I was staying in was set in glorious grounds so I made the most of it. The picture on the left is a picture of the glorious grounds.

I managed 30 minutes (1 minute running and 2 minutes walking) so now I need to build this up to the necessary 5k….six weeks to go!


I confess…..I’ve missed a day! the day after I came home from the hotel I was involved in writing a letter on behalf of a friend which meant that I didn’t get home until nearly 10:00 at night. I admit it I was tired I just crawled into bed. In the morning though I had to get up at 5:00am so I just got in the shower and forgot all about skincare. l was back on it the next day….everyone can have a slip!

Having said that…the picture here is me after exercising on Tuesday, not looking bad for 45 years old. It’s definitely working!

Thought of the blog……

Life is hard! I had my first hypnotherapy session on Tuesday (you could say Tuesday was a big day for me!) and still ended up nearly in tears that evening and having an alcoholic drink. So, there are no quick and easy steps (unfortunately!) you have to just keep going and do the best you can in that moment in time.

When I was giving birth to my second child I was desperate to have a natural birth and only use gas and air. I couldn’t do it, largely because I was having contractions every minute for the last 5 hours of labour……that was a joyful experience (!)…..and like the majority of pregnant ladies I was giving myself a hard time about my inability to give birth without drugs. My midwife gave me the following advice “nobody knows what goes on in this room….do what is best for you”. This actually an excellent piece of advice for life……always do what is best for you!


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