This week could be a tricky week! The last time I started to make changes in my life was back in 2004 when I my daughter was around the 2 year mark. I joined WeightWatchers, finally gave into my husband, and started running. Well, truth be told, I started with walking and pushing the buggy. I managed to keep the weight off, largely by building my running up to half marathons, then in 2008 I stopped running and the weight started to slowly pile back on. Since then I have done one crash diet after another and just looked for quick fixes rather than anything sustainable. After losing 4lbs in one week will I stick with it…………………….

I’ve decided to change the format of my blogs because I think all the headings made it look a bit like a board report and not enough like a blog. This is probably because it’s how I’ve always written documents for work and I’m staying in my comfort zone. One of the reasons for writing this blog is to take me out of my comfort zone so I’m going to try rambling instead! If you prefer the other format then please leave a comment and let me know.

I’m still going to keep you up to date with:

  • Arbonne – because I am in love with the product and seeing amazing results so I want to share it with the world. I’m also going to start doing vlogs and posting videos on here so you can all see how amazing the product is.
  • Slimming World – It’s all well and good having amazing skin but I desperately need to do something about my weight too. I don’t want this to be read as being negative against people that are overweight. For me, apart from the health aspects, your weight is a very personal thing. It’s not for anyone else but the individual (apart from health experts) to decide when they should weight. If you’re happy in your body regardless of your weight then I genuinely applaud you but being overweight has a massive impact on my self esteem and I’ll try to analyse why this is over the coming weeks.
  • Exercising – I’ll keep sharing how I am getting on with this as, in my humble opinion it’s the one thing that people think they don’t have time for. Running was also one of the things I was most proud of when I lost all my weight. It is also genuinely easy to do if you find something that you like.

How was the weekend then?

I went over to see some friends on Friday and was so dedicated that I took my own beef casserole but I did have a little treat……a bottle of pepsi max. Oh yes, I know how to party!

I spent most of the weekend with Scarlett at a dance festival. You might think that it’s not that big a deal given that she is 13 and, to be fair, she does most of the getting ready herself but you have to be there 45 minutes before they perform and then they can be in groups of up to 20 girls in which case the “section” lasts 45 minutes. Again, doesn’t sound too bad, but if your daughter is dancing in more than one section and you have to be back 45 minutes before the next dance it can often be better to stay all day.

Okay, so there are other mums to talk to but you need to make sure that you don’t get stuck with a Dance Mum. If you have spent any time in the school playground then you will know how some mums can be but believe me you haven’t seen anything until you have met the Dance Mum. The worst insult that a dancer can throw at you? You’re being a Dance Mum!

Of course not all the mums at dance school are dance mums. In fact some of us can be described as normal, me being one of them, hence the name of the blog! The only issue is that when you are at a dance festival it’s enforced togetherness. I know that plenty of mums will agree that we are just itching to get home. It’s not about whether we like each other or not, when we go out as a group we have a great time, but when you are sat in a school hall it can be like being at primary school and being told “you will be friends!”.

Anyway back to the diet and fitness. The dance festival worked havoc with my diet and running. Old habits die hard and I was straight back into missing meals then eating too much and exercise didn’t get a look in. Still didn’t drink and still didn’t have sugar but not the best stuff going in my mouth.

Still the skincare is going well, here are the results so far…………..


One thought on “Sometimes life gets in the way

  1. Thank goodness you’ve realised that a quick fix is no good but changing your eating habits is the way forward talk to most people who have lost weight quickly on fad diets and most will have gain some if not all of it back on. Good to see you exercising I think this helps the mind as well as the body
    Good luck keep us informed it’s interesting


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