25th April 2016 to 28th April 2016

Hi everyone!

I have made the cardinal sin and not blogged for a little while so now I have to try and catch up with where I am with everything! I have also decide to put the date on the top of the blog. That way if you are reading them in the future then you know where we are up to. Also, if any of these ramblings turn into a book, I should be so lucky, then I will know what happened when. I have no idea if that is what you are supposed to do with a blog but it’s what I am going to do. Some people might be interested to find out what’s going right and what’s going wrong and it’s always good to hear that some things are hard for everyone.

So what have these last few days entailed and why is the title the one it is? Well…I finished the week with what I thought was the start of my period. Is that what I should call it or should I be more intelligent and say menstrual cycle? Also, how much detail do I go into? I have no idea whether you are reading this whilst eating……..but I did say I was going to write as I speak so we’ll stick with the word period and as much detail as I have to do in order to get the story across, apologies if you are eating as you are reading!

Anyway, started my period on Thursday but it was a bit strange, as it was more of a red discharge (struggling with the word bloody as it’s classed as swearing in our house!) than an actual period. As many women of may age would think “it’s probably the start of the menopause” which is good and bad really. Good as I’ve never been a fan of the monthly period, let’s face it who is, but also bad because it is a bit like mother nature running up to you and sticking her tongue singing “nah, nah, na nah nah, you’re now old!”.

Then I stared bleeding heavily, well heavy for me because let’s face women don’t normally compare blood loss so I have no idea what is heavy for every one else! Then I moved to spotting which meant I had a period which lasted 5 days, completely weird for me. So, after telling my marvelous mummy the issues I had she was straight onto the “Going to the Doctors” train.  Now because I’m a good daughter, and because marvelous mummy would not let it lie, I went to the doctors . My hormone levels were checked a couple of weeks ago so the doctor confirmed that I aren’t menopausal but told me that I have to keep a period diary. A friend of mine, who’ll I’ll talk about on another blog, recommended the Period & Ovulation Tracker (this links to the andrioid version but there is a version for iTunes too…..all’s fair where menstrual cycles are concerned!

I also had to go to the doctors with Scarlett as she has had ringing in her ears for the last few months. This time it was the case of Dedicated Daddy to be on the case about going to the Doctors. Dedicated Daddy has a brain tumour (benign thankfully) and it was diagnosed as he had ringing in the ears. So he was straight on the case about Scarlett. Turns out that it could be down to having hay fever. She has fluid in both ears but worse in the left which is the ear that has the most ringing. Scarlett came away with tablets and a nose spray. Now we have the situation where if I don’t tell her to take the tablets I am a bad mother but I do tell her I’m nagging! The joys of being a mother to teenagers and beyond.

One great thing which happened this week was that I attended a networking event at Mercedes Benz. It was a really good event with a nice little goodie bag and an excellent breakfast…with bread made that morning! On top of that the salesman who invited me knows one of the Regional Vice Presidents of Arbonne who got her Arbonne white Mercedes from that garage. If you’re interested in how you can get a white Mercedes just let me know!

Well, that’s it for this section of my life. x



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