29th April to 30th April

Friday turned out to be an eventful day. One of my friends has a hot tub, and I’ve never been in a hot tub (!), but we had to cancel it at the last minute….because it snowed!! I know there is the saying “it’s grim up North” but snow in April! We aren’t that tough in Yorkshire that we get in hot tubs when it’s snowing. Also, if I’m being honest, getting in a hot tub and drinking mineral water didn’t really appeal to me. Isnt’ there some kind of law that time in a hot tub has to include alcohol? If not there should be!!

So, instead of having a whirl in a hot tub on Friday, the parents involved in our school crusade (who got solicitor letters) came to my office and we had a meeting about our action plan. Which meant that I had no alcohol on Friday night and no treats as I am sticking with the no drinking and no sugar. I also finally got back into running and really pushed my self at the gym.Went to Slimming World and lost an amazing…………..1/2lb!! I was absolutely gutted but tried to remain positive  better off than on and all that. I think Mr Roberts, Kevin and Scarlett know how fed up I was. Largely due to the number of times that I “subtly” dropped into the conversation that I had only lost 1/2lb despite being really, really, really good.13095957_10156719267220276_244416562250608165_n (2)

There was one really good thing to come out of the meeting and that was that a really old friend was there. By really old I mean that I haven’t seen her for a while, not that she is really old! We went for a coffee and it was just like old times, except with more wrinkles and less fags! I am hoping that she will come on board with Arbonne and we can take on the world!

As you’ll all know by now, if you read this blog, that I am an independent consultant with Arbonne. I have to admit that initially it was the white Mercedes that drew me in. I mean who doesn’t dream of driving a white Mercedes? But once I actually gave out samples to friends and family and realised how much they loved the products I was sold. When I then did the 30 day challenge and replaced all my make up with Arbonne products I was completely sold. It seems a bit over the top to say that it has changed my  life but it truly has. The way I feel about my skin and how I look now has given me a real sping in my step! I’m rambling (again!). Given that I love the products so much I took my box of make up samples along to a networking event and the ladies loved them. Although I am an Arbonne consultant I highly recommend you try the products regardless of where you buy them from. Also, if you send me a friend request then you can see all my reviews of the products.

I had some coaching from Ann (my Arbonne upline) who is a qualifed coach, as well as being an inspiration in the Arbonne world, and it really helped me to focus on where I want to go on this new journey in my life. The last 3 months have been a real roller coaster of a ride and I don’t want it to stop!



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