1st May to 2nd May

After what I thought was a disasterous week at Slimming World I still went running over the Bank Holiday weekend. In fact I actuall woke up on Sunday morning feeling really cross and it only got better when I went running. I don’t know if this is a good sign or a bad sign to be honest. When I used to run years ago my husband used to send me out running if I was is in a grump as it used to make me feel better…maybe I am turning the clock back?  I would normally make Kevin come running with me as he is a bit like me at the same age, not into any sport, but Scarlett saved his bacon as she wanted to go swimming which meant that instead of running he got a swim. As a bit of a Brucie bonus it was free as well! It was near to the end of the swim session so the very nice lady at the gym let them go in for free. Aren’t people nice sometimes?

We went out as a faumbrellamily on the actual bank holiday. The plan was to walk into the City Centre, approx 4 1/2 miles from home, have a bit of lunch and a coffee (both me and Mr Roberts are tee-total at the moment) and then get the bus home. Excellent plan, family time and a bit of fresh air and excerise. Unfortunately the weather had other plans! No sooner had we left the house than heavens opened. Not to worry me and the hubby thought…we’ve got coats and umbrellas (well me and Scarlett had umbrellas, hubby and Kevin didn’t have umbrellas…not manly enough for them!) but we had to give in when the rain soaked through to our skin. And then, on top of all that……OMG did Kevin moan! He really did turn into Kevin from the Harry Enfield show. Have you ever had a 5ft 10″ teenager walking behind you moaning? Nightmare I hear you cry, but it got worse……

So we got on the bus eventually and Kevin managed to stop moaning. It kevin teenagergot better then, you might think, but oh no. The walk to the bus was just the warm up act. Once we started on Kevin’s 2nd most hated activity, shopping, there was no stopping him. We did have a small reprive when we stopped for coffee and a sandwich but as soon as were out in the shops it started again. Seriously, I have never been so happy to see him go onto his computer. Hubby wanted us to do more family activities when we got home but even I was begging for a reprive!

I did manage to convince the most cynical person in the world that Arbonne products, and the Arbonne oportunity, are amazing….Mr Roberts! You know how when you see someone every day you don’t notice the difference in them? And, to be honest, although the hubby is not the most complimentary person in the world even he couldn’t argue with the results of the 30 day Arbonne trial. The scary thing now though is that he wants to try the products!

This mmens range fullight not seem scary but he won’t buy the mans range, noooooo, he’ll just try to steal mine. You still might not think this is scary but the last time he used my face cream was many years ago when he just picked up the nearest cream and applied it liberally to his face before going out on a sunny day. Might not seem like a big deal but he called me later on the same day and asked why his face was so itchy….he’d only applied a night cream which contained a mild chemical peel indgredient and had instructions to not to go into direct sunlight. I know Arbonne is fully botanical and vegan certified but I hope he’s learnt his lesson!


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