5th to 7th May

I felt like I had a major breakthrough this week on my journey. I wore a dress that didn’t fit me at Christmas and it looked good! It was helped because the colour is one of my colours, I’m lucky to be able to wear bright colours (or at least I think I can wear bright colours!). Now the dress might be a size 16 but beggars can’t be choosers so let’s look on the bright side (no pun intended) it fit! I felt like the changes to my life weren’t just effecting my skin but were actually making a difference to my body. But it wasn’t to be….

So Thursday was a high and then Saturday morning at Slimming World was a real low……1lb on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been running 3 times this week and have built up to 5 minutes running and 1 minute walking and being on the treadmill for up to 37 minutes. I was really impressed with myself, I still hadn’t had any processed sugar or alcohol so feeling really confident, only to be let down by the scales!

How could it be? There aren’t enough exclamation marks to get across, in writing, how upset I was. Then people start coming out with the classic remarks “maybe you’re not eating enough”, “all that exercise will pay off next week”, “have you been following the plan” etc. etc. when all you really want to do is have someone stroke your hair and say “there  there” while you wail in a corner. Or is that just me?

I had to pick myself up off the floor though on Saturday night because I went to a ball! As they say in Yorkshire it was time to “get my head out of my a**e” and get glammed up, well either that or ruin the whole evening. Like a true





Yorskhire woman….I’d paid for it so I was going to enjoy it! It was also an excellent opportunity to have a really good play with all the Arbonne cosmetics I have in my box of tricks which I use at networking events. Now before I started with Arbonne I would have gone straight to foundation but because I now know better I started with a full facial routine and then primer before I started on the foundation. The results were amazing not that I’m bigging myself up (British woman remember) but it stayed on so well. I did a little experiment and didn’t touch my makeup all night. What do you think?

Then on Sunday Scarlett and I had a little bit of girl time and watched Chicago. We see a lot of dance routines based on this musical and we have never seen it. It was really good. Some of the dancers on there were awesome!


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