7th to 11th May

So the ball was at the weekend and apart from the chance to play in my little (big) box of make up what else was fabulous?

Well I got a chance to try the fabulous fake tan Arbonne produce and it was yet another hit. Now I am never the most organised when it comes to fake tan.160509052221[1] The last time I applied it was when I went on a girly weekend. Everyone else had it done on the Thursday (before we went on the Friday) but not disorganised me. Noooo I had to leave it to the last minute and have it done on Friday morning, literally 1/2 an hour before we set off! The smell of biscuits on the plane….yeap that was me! Not with Arbonne though. So you know how sometimes things seem too good to be true and you think “yeah right” but Arbonne does what it says on the tin. It tans but it smells of fruit and, just like my old favourite fake tan, you can just slap it on, just what you need when you leave everything to the last minute!

The sugar 20160507_211044free aspect of my journey is getting really difficult now. I managed to resist the chocolate torte and it was placed right in front of me! You might think that I am so weirdo who likes to place temptation in front of them jsut to see how stange they are but that wasn’t the case. Someone, who shall remain nameless (but isn’t Voldermort!), said “I’ll eat your desert” but then decided her own was too sickly so couldn’t eat mine either! Having said that as it’s in public and everyone around you knows that you aren’t eating sugar some part of it is easy. Sitting in your lounge whilst your husband and 2 children eat large chocolate bars is not easy! Thank goodness for you guys reading this!

The easy part was not drinking. Watching an Elvis tribute act might have been a bit easier to accept if I had been drinking, particularly because he was Elvis from the 70’s not the 50’s but I still had a dance and a laugh with the girls. Particularly funny was watching middle aged men dancing or as I kept saying “Accountant!”. I did give in and leave at midnight, leaving my drinking buddies behind, but all in all a good night.

I also, finally, saw my Financial Advisor. That might make me sound as if I am loaded and have to plan my investments but I promise I aren’t, well not yet anyway! Here’s where I get all serious for a moment. If you aren’t planning for your future then start, no matter how old you are, then you can make proper decisions. My fabulous Financial Adviser has put all my pensions into one pot and grown it by 6.1% in the last 3 years, how amazing is that! So, here’s a bit shout out to The Pentelow Practice, and Rob Pentelow in particular for the fantastic job he has done, and continues to do. And, just as importantly for speaking in plain english!



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