12th to 14th May

Well it’s been a busy few days! The big issue I have to face is that I love every aspect of my life and the moment but there often aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week to do everything that I want to do. I don’t want to stop doing anything because they all add to different parts of my personality and keep me fulfilled. It’s quite funny that I’ve actually started to come back round full circle to where I started.

When I left school at 16 I went into hairdressing. Usually when I look back and tell the story of how I went into hairdressing it focuses around being given an ultimatum by my mum about having to get a job. As I recall it, and I’m sure my mum sees it differently, I was lazing around on the sofa after finishing my exams (which I did the minimal amount of revision for) and was told in no uncertain terms that “you better not thhaircutink you’re sitting around on that sofa all day, you can get out of this house and get a job”. As this was 1987 (yikes!) the only careers advice that girls got at school was to go into hairdressing or work in a shop. Hairdressing was the first job interview I went to and subsequently the first job I had. Looking back I was actually good at it but the reason I left was that I got some qualifications and thought I should be using my brain more. How stupid was that! Turns out I’m actually quite good at the whole health and beauty thing. I regualarly change my hair, styling it in lots of different ways, and regularly change my make up. If I could go back and do it all again I would love to run hair salon and beauticians! Maybe Arbonne can help me fulfill that dream? So I let school at 16, went to work in a “trendy” hair salon (using that word is showing my age!) and now I want to own a Hairdressers, weird how life turns out!

I’ve been lucky enough to meet with several people over the last couple of days to talk about Arbonne, including someone who’s friend had been stopped them from going into a certain shop (which sells bath bombs etc.) because they use Parabens in their products. The use of Parabens in beauty products is currently being investigated due to the links between parabens and and different forms of cancer. If you don’t know what Parabens are then please click on this link for more info (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paraben) I am proud of the fact that Arbonne doesn’t include ANY parabens and is just one of the many ways in which Arbonne is a unique product.and one of the reasons I love it!

Thursday evening wasn’t the best night. I am a rhinosmassive Leeds Rhinos fan and if you don’t know who they are let me introduce them to you! They play the best sport ever (in my humble opinion) and I have been following them for over 30 years. If you want to know then click here: Leeds Rhinos. After that little bit of education the reason I had such a bad thursday evening was because Leeds Rhinos were beat which means that we are now at the bottom of the table, last year we won every cup in the competition, how the mighty have fallen!

Saturday was an awesome day. Arbonne hold an annual conference every year in Las Vegas. I didn’t attend this year, as I had only signed up to Arbonne 2 months before the conference, but this is where Arbonne celebrate success and launch all the new products. Saturday was one of the launch days in the UK so we got to see (and feel) all the new products such as the new mens range, the amazing Arbonne Intelligence Genius and the new eye range including the eyebrow range. However, one of the things I am really passionate about with Arbonne is the fantastic makeup range and on the day there was a makeup work shop. This was 2 hours of how to use the full range and included contouring which was a real eye opener for me. I came home absolutely buzzing only to be told by my daughter that she could have told me how to do that! Back to earth with a bang!!cropped-ccyvfqrwiaav-xt.jpg



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