15th to 17th May

Woke up on Monday feeling like I hadn’t had much of a weekend. I think I am permanently busy but always manage to feel like I have had a weekend. But when I woke up on Monday morning it felt like I hadn’t had a break. It was a busy but worthwhile meeting.

I have been listening to an amazing book this week and it has really made me up my game with my plan B. The audio book I have been listening to is The Flip Flop CEO and it is a pretty awesome book to listen to if you are part of a network marketing business. When you are an Arbonne consultant you often get people looking down their nose at you as they just write it off as a pyramid scheme (and I confess that I thought exactly tpyramid_scamhe same in the past). This book is far better at explaining it than I am but basically, not only did pyramid schemes become illegal years ago, but they are alos prevalent in every business in the world. Think about your own place of work, assuming it isn’t a network marketing organisation (!) then there will be a CEO at the top of the ladder and several roles of management beneath them. As you go down the different levels of management there will be more and more people. If you draw that organisation on a piece of paper it would from a triangle, in other words….a pyramid! However in Arbonne you are actively encouraged to develop people in your team to help them grow or as Arbonne call it “as wide as you are deep”, effectively a group of squares….no triangles here! If my posts about Arbonne have made you think about Arbonne as your plan B (or even plan A!) then have a listen to this book.

I, along with several other parents, continue to fight the impact of Academies on the education system in the UK. I am not going to use this blog as a political platform but I urge anyone to look into exactly what being an academy means.

I didn’t do much exercise last week, doesn’t life just sometime take over all your good intentions, but I have been back at the gym this week. Just plodding away on the treadmill trying to get to the elusive 5k for the planned run on 5th June.

Still not had any alcohol altough due to being in Coventry on Saturday I didn’t manage to get to Slimming World. My lovely mum has been bringing my lunches into the office to make sure that I stick to the straight and narrow. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her! Not having sugar is getting harder and harder but Scarlett did say that she thought I was looking thinner woo hoo!!



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