18th to 21st May

One of the phrases I have come to love during my eventful life is….”You’re never too old to learn” and I am certainly learning a lot at the moment. During the Arbonne product launch event there was a 2 hour makeup tutorial and it certainly taught me a lot of new things. The most important was setting powder! I’ve never been a fan of the old loose translucent powder but I have learnt how amazing the Arbonne translucent setting powder is! Not only that but I also learnt that you should put it on over the whole of your make up and not just over the top of your foundation….who knew! I am a recent convert to primer but now I am into the Translucent powder too. Went I went to the ball on 6th May I used the whole Arbonne range (but with translucent powder on top of foundation instead of at the end and the impact over 6 hours was amazing) but putting it on top of your entire make up literally make it stays put all day with very little intervention.

I went back to Slimming World this week after missing last week and thanks to my amazing mommy (!) I lost 1 1/2 lb ….whoop whoop! Looks like not drinking or eating sugar is finally paying off. However, I do have to give extra thanks to mummy because she brought my lunch into the office every day that I was in….how amazing is she? I keep having to remind everyone that it isn’t like I am staying in all the time either. The whole family went to a house party on Saturday and had a really good time. The last time I went to a house party I had a coffee and it felt far too boring. This time I had a Pepsi Max (party animal that I am!) which felt much better. It was funny watching my friend (who shall remain nameless!) getting drunk.

One of my  Arbonne consultants had her launch party this week, which was yet another hit. We had 2 preferred clients signed up from the meeting and 2 potential parties booked. These products are amazing. Once you see the benefits you get from using these products you can’t resist them. Not only that but they are sooo easy to use. If you can find the time to watch the video on my YouTube channel (RE9 Demo) then you will see just how easy they are to use. One thing I had to get over was using photo’s of myself. When you read this blog (and see the number of photo’s I use!) then you might think that I love taking pictures of myself but it’s taken a long time to get to this point. This is all down to the change since I started being an Arbonne Consultant.

If you wan to get involved with Arbonne why not drop me a line or leave a comment? I would also love to hear about any changes you are making in your life!



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