22nd to 25th May

This is only going to be a short blog because we’re only covering a couple of days and even my life isn’t that manic that I can write hundreds of words about a few days. Some of my close friends might disagree because they know how much I can talk but truly nothing that exciting happened…….oooooooo, apart from my hair!

Scarlett and I spend some bonding time together over the weekend. I have been talking about shooting videos and setting up a YouTube channel (which I did cheat and reveal in my last blog!) and I decided to just go and do it. Well, isn’t it typical of teenagers that they don’t want to help until you do it yourself and then they can do it  better? So I shot the first video and then Kevin is telling me how it should be in different qualities so you can watch it on any device, Scarlett is telling me that I should have the room set up properly….honestly! Don’t want to get off their bums and help you but then suddenly become experts! So….after a couple of choice words they were both on board. Scarlett set up  her room as it has better lighting and Kevin did the editing and showed me how to upload it to YouTube, what a family effort! I posted the RE9 video on the last blog, which was the one I recorded by myself, but the next vlog was rmascara exampleecorded (and directed) by Scarlett. Here is the link to “it’s a long story Mascara” and I would really appreciate your commentson the vlog. Here is a picture of the Arbonne Mascara up close and, as you can see from the video, I guarantee that it is only 2 coats! EDIT: The eye on the left, as you look at it, is 2 coats of Arbonne the other eye is 4 coats of a high street mascara.

Scarlett and I also went to the hairdressers on Tuesday. Normally Scarlett arrives before me, lovely mummy takes her and waits with her until I get there, as we usually go on an evening and I have to work. Imagine my suprise when she had already had her haircut, before the colour was applied, and had gone from it being nearly down to her bum to a long bob! Well, Scarlett had already been sworn to secrecy as I had decided to go blonde, so if I was even thinking of chickening out this wasn’t the time to do it. So that was it….a complete change for both of us. I  don’t like having the same look all the time so here are some of the looks I have had in the last 12 months.


What do looks have you tried? Which if the above do you prefer? I’d love to hear from you.


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