26th to 29th May

Hey everyone!

I thought I would start this blog by giving everyone an update on how it’s going with the life changes. This was the whole reason for starting the blog!

The not drinking is really easy! Of everything I have done this by far and anew_years_eve_logo1-300x216way the easiest yet it’s always the thing that everyone thinks they are incapable of doing. This really made me think about why we drink alcohol in the first place. Speaking from my own experiences I had my first drink at the age of 15 when I went to the local pub with my sister on New Years Eve. Mum wasn’t happy when we walked round to meet them! So, looking back I think that I started drinking in so that I felt less insecure round other people. This probably kept going until I met my husband and maybe even later. Then I
think I drank on nights out because it seemed like the social thing to do. Then I drank at home because I thought it helped me to relax. Reading this back it sounds like I am an alcoholic (which I promise I aren’t!)  but it is easier to do without than I originally thought.

The exercise is a bit hit and miss to be honest. Life is so busy that it is normally the thing that gets left on the back burner. I did get up to 4km on the treadmill (running for 8 minutes and walking at a fast pace for 2 minutes). I will not stop going though as I know it is the only thing which really helps me lose weight.

I have sunk and burnt with the whole sugar thing. I haven’t just fallen off the wagon. I can’t even see the wagon…..the wagon is just a dot to me! (Paraphrhqdefaultasing a Friends quote there!). Or to put it another way, I have gone off the tracks so far that I am off the tracks down the slope and in the bushes! The craving had been ticking away for nearly a week so I thought that if I gave in for just one day then it would go away. What a mistake! Luckily I only started the chocolate bing on Thursday so it didn’t impact too much on Slimming World so I still lost 1/2lb. That was a great result but I need to be realistic and get back on track because it can’t last.

Work has been manic for the last couple of days (as normal!) part of which included me standing in as Area Leader for a networking group and giving the 20 minute speach in the meeting. At this group the presentation can’t be a sales presentation it needs to be an interesting insight into part of your life, something you are an expert on are an interesting aspect of your career. The current speach I am giving at the moment is telling my life story. This can sometimes be hard to do as part of it is how my mum’s family dealt with my husband being mixed race. I always get a bit nervous if there is a mixed race member of the audience, I don’t know why because I obviously aren’t racist. Maybe I still worry too much about what other people think? Do you worry about what people think?

A completly ramdon thing happened on Thursday. My wrist suddenly started hurting. I had a car accident at the end of last year and damaged my right wrist but unfortunatley thsi was my left wrist! As if that isn’t strange enough I’m right handed! We’ll see what the next few days bring.



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