30th May to 2nd June

So our family day wasn’t actually on the Bank Holiday Monday because the weather forecast was better for the Sunday than the Monday. So, it’s a bit backwards is this blog because I completely forgot about the Bank Holiday! #badmother

The Saturday didn’t finish well. Kevin spent the afternoon feeling a bit dodgy which resulted in Kevin spending the evening sat on the sofa clutching a hot water bottle. The full effect really came into force later that night when I could hear the impact of his illness even though he was in the bathroom upstairs and I was in the lounge with the TV on! Lucky for Mr Roberts he was “working” in the garage when all this was going on. He calls it working but I call it playing….seeing as it is tinkering with cars! Anyway when I went into the garage to tell him that Kevin was ill, and that he needed to help me clean up, his face was an absolute picture of horror. Why is that mums are alwasy the ones who have to clean it up? Still, cleaning it all up cerainly gave me a lot of credit in the bank with Mr Roberts!

Anyway Kevin has always been a child who is sick when he gets poorly so any bug is going to manifest itself with vomit where Kevin is concened…..unfortunately for me, who always get the clean up job. Maybe I just look like a person who is good at cleaning up poo and vomit????? I remember when I was younger and we got a puppy. The first time the puppy had an accident in the house my sister very kindly offered to take rub her nose in it and take her outside whilst I cleaned the floor. I should have known then!!

Anywat, back to Saturday evening, Kevin slept in the spare room (he has a cabin bed and I wasn’t going to take any chances with him vomiting over the edge of the cabin bed and it hitting the laminated floor at high velocity! So off he meekly went to the spare room with his plastic bowl, bottle of water, tissues and hot water bottle. Then I was woken to the sound of liquid hitting the bowl. Is this a bit too graphic??? The moral is that they still need you no matter how big they are….and Kevin is so big that when I give him a clip round the head I have to stand on tip tops to get at him!

Kevin felt much better in the morning so off we went for our family day out. Amazing mummy and moaning daddy came with us (along with Max the dog) so we had a proper day out. I volunteered Kevin to go in Mr Roberts’ car so that if he was going to be sick he could jsut stick his head out of the side of the car….great way to spread the vomit load I thought! The day was glorious and Kevin managed to keep his vomitting down right until we got to eating lunch. Now Kevin and I are very similiar, much to his dismay, and if he is off his food then you know he is poorly. Well when he couldn’t eat his lunch and even the thought of getting a Mr Moo’s ice-cream couldn’t convince him to stay out then you know his poorly! Anyway it gave Mr Roberts a nice excuse to leave early and allowed Kevin to get back to his man cave. It also gave Scarlett the perfect chance to have mum all to herself, which is her ideal situation.

Both Scarlett and Kevin love their family and we are all very close, I even still get a kiss and a cuddle every morning and every night! But it’s far to say that as Kevin has got older he has become a little less family orientated but Scarlett has stayed just the same. So, whereas Kevin will happily stay in his bedroom Scarlett much prefers doing everything in the same room. So, whilst I am typing this blog she is happily laid on the sofa on her iPad. One thing Scarlett is not very good at is sharing family and she has her favourites, luckily I am still one of them, even though she is 13 and we still have our shouting moments! She will happily sit on a seperate chair to me on the sofa but if Kevin came and sat next to me for a cuddle she would want in on the act. This was difficult when she was younger but as she gets older I am just trying to get the balance right and not push her away too much.

I feel like I have completely prattled on today, just like I said I would several weeks ago!


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