Off the sweetie wagon

26th to 29th May

Hey everyone!

I thought I would start this blog by giving everyone an update on how it’s going with the life changes. This was the whole reason for starting the blog!

The not drinking is really easy! Of everything I have done this by far and anew_years_eve_logo1-300x216way the easiest yet it’s always the thing that everyone thinks they are incapable of doing. This really made me think about why we drink alcohol in the first place. Speaking from my own experiences I had my first drink at the age of 15 when I went to the local pub with my sister on New Years Eve. Mum wasn’t happy when we walked round to meet them! So, looking back I think that I started drinking in so that I felt less insecure round other people. This probably kept going until I met my husband and maybe even later. Then I
think I drank on nights out because it seemed like the social thing to do. Then I drank at home because I thought it helped me to relax. Reading this back it sounds like I am an alcoholic (which I promise I aren’t!)  but it is easier to do without than I originally thought.

The exercise is a bit hit and miss to be honest. Life is so busy that it is normally the thing that gets left on the back burner. I did get up to 4km on the treadmill (running for 8 minutes and walking at a fast pace for 2 minutes). I will not stop going though as I know it is the only thing which really helps me lose weight.

I have sunk and burnt with the whole sugar thing. I haven’t just fallen off the wagon. I can’t even see the wagon…..the wagon is just a dot to me! (Paraphrhqdefaultasing a Friends quote there!). Or to put it another way, I have gone off the tracks so far that I am off the tracks down the slope and in the bushes! The craving had been ticking away for nearly a week so I thought that if I gave in for just one day then it would go away. What a mistake! Luckily I only started the chocolate bing on Thursday so it didn’t impact too much on Slimming World so I still lost 1/2lb. That was a great result but I need to be realistic and get back on track because it can’t last.

Work has been manic for the last couple of days (as normal!) part of which included me standing in as Area Leader for a networking group and giving the 20 minute speach in the meeting. At this group the presentation can’t be a sales presentation it needs to be an interesting insight into part of your life, something you are an expert on are an interesting aspect of your career. The current speach I am giving at the moment is telling my life story. This can sometimes be hard to do as part of it is how my mum’s family dealt with my husband being mixed race. I always get a bit nervous if there is a mixed race member of the audience, I don’t know why because I obviously aren’t racist. Maybe I still worry too much about what other people think? Do you worry about what people think?

A completly ramdon thing happened on Thursday. My wrist suddenly started hurting. I had a car accident at the end of last year and damaged my right wrist but unfortunatley thsi was my left wrist! As if that isn’t strange enough I’m right handed! We’ll see what the next few days bring.



Now you see me!

22nd to 25th May

This is only going to be a short blog because we’re only covering a couple of days and even my life isn’t that manic that I can write hundreds of words about a few days. Some of my close friends might disagree because they know how much I can talk but truly nothing that exciting happened…….oooooooo, apart from my hair!

Scarlett and I spend some bonding time together over the weekend. I have been talking about shooting videos and setting up a YouTube channel (which I did cheat and reveal in my last blog!) and I decided to just go and do it. Well, isn’t it typical of teenagers that they don’t want to help until you do it yourself and then they can do it  better? So I shot the first video and then Kevin is telling me how it should be in different qualities so you can watch it on any device, Scarlett is telling me that I should have the room set up properly….honestly! Don’t want to get off their bums and help you but then suddenly become experts! So….after a couple of choice words they were both on board. Scarlett set up  her room as it has better lighting and Kevin did the editing and showed me how to upload it to YouTube, what a family effort! I posted the RE9 video on the last blog, which was the one I recorded by myself, but the next vlog was rmascara exampleecorded (and directed) by Scarlett. Here is the link to “it’s a long story Mascara” and I would really appreciate your commentson the vlog. Here is a picture of the Arbonne Mascara up close and, as you can see from the video, I guarantee that it is only 2 coats! EDIT: The eye on the left, as you look at it, is 2 coats of Arbonne the other eye is 4 coats of a high street mascara.

Scarlett and I also went to the hairdressers on Tuesday. Normally Scarlett arrives before me, lovely mummy takes her and waits with her until I get there, as we usually go on an evening and I have to work. Imagine my suprise when she had already had her haircut, before the colour was applied, and had gone from it being nearly down to her bum to a long bob! Well, Scarlett had already been sworn to secrecy as I had decided to go blonde, so if I was even thinking of chickening out this wasn’t the time to do it. So that was it….a complete change for both of us. I  don’t like having the same look all the time so here are some of the looks I have had in the last 12 months.


What do looks have you tried? Which if the above do you prefer? I’d love to hear from you.

No more face sliding off!!

18th to 21st May

One of the phrases I have come to love during my eventful life is….”You’re never too old to learn” and I am certainly learning a lot at the moment. During the Arbonne product launch event there was a 2 hour makeup tutorial and it certainly taught me a lot of new things. The most important was setting powder! I’ve never been a fan of the old loose translucent powder but I have learnt how amazing the Arbonne translucent setting powder is! Not only that but I also learnt that you should put it on over the whole of your make up and not just over the top of your foundation….who knew! I am a recent convert to primer but now I am into the Translucent powder too. Went I went to the ball on 6th May I used the whole Arbonne range (but with translucent powder on top of foundation instead of at the end and the impact over 6 hours was amazing) but putting it on top of your entire make up literally make it stays put all day with very little intervention.

I went back to Slimming World this week after missing last week and thanks to my amazing mommy (!) I lost 1 1/2 lb ….whoop whoop! Looks like not drinking or eating sugar is finally paying off. However, I do have to give extra thanks to mummy because she brought my lunch into the office every day that I was in….how amazing is she? I keep having to remind everyone that it isn’t like I am staying in all the time either. The whole family went to a house party on Saturday and had a really good time. The last time I went to a house party I had a coffee and it felt far too boring. This time I had a Pepsi Max (party animal that I am!) which felt much better. It was funny watching my friend (who shall remain nameless!) getting drunk.

One of my  Arbonne consultants had her launch party this week, which was yet another hit. We had 2 preferred clients signed up from the meeting and 2 potential parties booked. These products are amazing. Once you see the benefits you get from using these products you can’t resist them. Not only that but they are sooo easy to use. If you can find the time to watch the video on my YouTube channel (RE9 Demo) then you will see just how easy they are to use. One thing I had to get over was using photo’s of myself. When you read this blog (and see the number of photo’s I use!) then you might think that I love taking pictures of myself but it’s taken a long time to get to this point. This is all down to the change since I started being an Arbonne Consultant.

If you wan to get involved with Arbonne why not drop me a line or leave a comment? I would also love to hear about any changes you are making in your life!


Memory like a sieve!

I have forgotten so many things over the course of the last few postings! So here is a catch up on what has been happening over the last few weeks.

I’ve been listening to a couple of audio books both really about the same thing but delivered in a completely different way. The first one I started was Think and Grow Rich which was first written  in 1937 and is claimed to be still as relevant today as it was when it was first written. Now who am I to dispute that but what I will say is that it’s hard going to listen to. So, rather than give in, I hate giving in with books, I decided to come back to it and listen to another book at the same time. So I also started to listen to The Secret which is much easier to listen to but a little bit flowery for me. I’ll continue to listen to both of them but, and this is paraphrasing a  little bit (!), they both talk about the power of positive thinking. One is from a more business perspective where is one is more about life. I think I’m going to try something a bit different next time. A friend has recommended Mastering Your Mean Girl and I’ve also just bought A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled which has also just been recommended to me and I’m really looking forward to reading both of them. You’d never guess that I list reading as one of my hobbies!

I m20160501_193743anaged to completely avoid a massive Victoria Sponge Cake bought for the family. It was hard but what made it easier was that the 3 of them (Kevin, Scarlett and the hubby) managed to eat the whole lot in 2 days! Keep reading the blog to catch up with how I am getting on with the whole no sugar thing…’s not getting any easier!CYyUqlwWYAAJR3C

I’ve decided to start shooting videos to show how easy it is to use the Arbonne range and the amazing results you can get from the product. I hope it’s easier to see the products and also to prove that it is me using them without filters to make the products look good, what you see really is me! Here are the results from the 30 day Arbonne RE9 challenge. I can certainly see a difference, I hope you can!

I have been having lots of meetings about Arbonne, including a launch party for one of my consultants, and my hard work is starting to pay off. This company really is amazing, next on the blog list is why I love Arbonneso much!


A normal week?????

15th to 17th May

Woke up on Monday feeling like I hadn’t had much of a weekend. I think I am permanently busy but always manage to feel like I have had a weekend. But when I woke up on Monday morning it felt like I hadn’t had a break. It was a busy but worthwhile meeting.

I have been listening to an amazing book this week and it has really made me up my game with my plan B. The audio book I have been listening to is The Flip Flop CEO and it is a pretty awesome book to listen to if you are part of a network marketing business. When you are an Arbonne consultant you often get people looking down their nose at you as they just write it off as a pyramid scheme (and I confess that I thought exactly tpyramid_scamhe same in the past). This book is far better at explaining it than I am but basically, not only did pyramid schemes become illegal years ago, but they are alos prevalent in every business in the world. Think about your own place of work, assuming it isn’t a network marketing organisation (!) then there will be a CEO at the top of the ladder and several roles of management beneath them. As you go down the different levels of management there will be more and more people. If you draw that organisation on a piece of paper it would from a triangle, in other words….a pyramid! However in Arbonne you are actively encouraged to develop people in your team to help them grow or as Arbonne call it “as wide as you are deep”, effectively a group of squares….no triangles here! If my posts about Arbonne have made you think about Arbonne as your plan B (or even plan A!) then have a listen to this book.

I, along with several other parents, continue to fight the impact of Academies on the education system in the UK. I am not going to use this blog as a political platform but I urge anyone to look into exactly what being an academy means.

I didn’t do much exercise last week, doesn’t life just sometime take over all your good intentions, but I have been back at the gym this week. Just plodding away on the treadmill trying to get to the elusive 5k for the planned run on 5th June.

Still not had any alcohol altough due to being in Coventry on Saturday I didn’t manage to get to Slimming World. My lovely mum has been bringing my lunches into the office to make sure that I stick to the straight and narrow. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her! Not having sugar is getting harder and harder but Scarlett did say that she thought I was looking thinner woo hoo!!


Arbonne Day

12th to 14th May

Well it’s been a busy few days! The big issue I have to face is that I love every aspect of my life and the moment but there often aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week to do everything that I want to do. I don’t want to stop doing anything because they all add to different parts of my personality and keep me fulfilled. It’s quite funny that I’ve actually started to come back round full circle to where I started.

When I left school at 16 I went into hairdressing. Usually when I look back and tell the story of how I went into hairdressing it focuses around being given an ultimatum by my mum about having to get a job. As I recall it, and I’m sure my mum sees it differently, I was lazing around on the sofa after finishing my exams (which I did the minimal amount of revision for) and was told in no uncertain terms that “you better not thhaircutink you’re sitting around on that sofa all day, you can get out of this house and get a job”. As this was 1987 (yikes!) the only careers advice that girls got at school was to go into hairdressing or work in a shop. Hairdressing was the first job interview I went to and subsequently the first job I had. Looking back I was actually good at it but the reason I left was that I got some qualifications and thought I should be using my brain more. How stupid was that! Turns out I’m actually quite good at the whole health and beauty thing. I regualarly change my hair, styling it in lots of different ways, and regularly change my make up. If I could go back and do it all again I would love to run hair salon and beauticians! Maybe Arbonne can help me fulfill that dream? So I let school at 16, went to work in a “trendy” hair salon (using that word is showing my age!) and now I want to own a Hairdressers, weird how life turns out!

I’ve been lucky enough to meet with several people over the last couple of days to talk about Arbonne, including someone who’s friend had been stopped them from going into a certain shop (which sells bath bombs etc.) because they use Parabens in their products. The use of Parabens in beauty products is currently being investigated due to the links between parabens and and different forms of cancer. If you don’t know what Parabens are then please click on this link for more info ( I am proud of the fact that Arbonne doesn’t include ANY parabens and is just one of the many ways in which Arbonne is a unique product.and one of the reasons I love it!

Thursday evening wasn’t the best night. I am a rhinosmassive Leeds Rhinos fan and if you don’t know who they are let me introduce them to you! They play the best sport ever (in my humble opinion) and I have been following them for over 30 years. If you want to know then click here: Leeds Rhinos. After that little bit of education the reason I had such a bad thursday evening was because Leeds Rhinos were beat which means that we are now at the bottom of the table, last year we won every cup in the competition, how the mighty have fallen!

Saturday was an awesome day. Arbonne hold an annual conference every year in Las Vegas. I didn’t attend this year, as I had only signed up to Arbonne 2 months before the conference, but this is where Arbonne celebrate success and launch all the new products. Saturday was one of the launch days in the UK so we got to see (and feel) all the new products such as the new mens range, the amazing Arbonne Intelligence Genius and the new eye range including the eyebrow range. However, one of the things I am really passionate about with Arbonne is the fantastic makeup range and on the day there was a makeup work shop. This was 2 hours of how to use the full range and included contouring which was a real eye opener for me. I came home absolutely buzzing only to be told by my daughter that she could have told me how to do that! Back to earth with a bang!!cropped-ccyvfqrwiaav-xt.jpg


Fat Elvis and financial advice

7th to 11th May

So the ball was at the weekend and apart from the chance to play in my little (big) box of make up what else was fabulous?

Well I got a chance to try the fabulous fake tan Arbonne produce and it was yet another hit. Now I am never the most organised when it comes to fake tan.160509052221[1] The last time I applied it was when I went on a girly weekend. Everyone else had it done on the Thursday (before we went on the Friday) but not disorganised me. Noooo I had to leave it to the last minute and have it done on Friday morning, literally 1/2 an hour before we set off! The smell of biscuits on the plane….yeap that was me! Not with Arbonne though. So you know how sometimes things seem too good to be true and you think “yeah right” but Arbonne does what it says on the tin. It tans but it smells of fruit and, just like my old favourite fake tan, you can just slap it on, just what you need when you leave everything to the last minute!

The sugar 20160507_211044free aspect of my journey is getting really difficult now. I managed to resist the chocolate torte and it was placed right in front of me! You might think that I am so weirdo who likes to place temptation in front of them jsut to see how stange they are but that wasn’t the case. Someone, who shall remain nameless (but isn’t Voldermort!), said “I’ll eat your desert” but then decided her own was too sickly so couldn’t eat mine either! Having said that as it’s in public and everyone around you knows that you aren’t eating sugar some part of it is easy. Sitting in your lounge whilst your husband and 2 children eat large chocolate bars is not easy! Thank goodness for you guys reading this!

The easy part was not drinking. Watching an Elvis tribute act might have been a bit easier to accept if I had been drinking, particularly because he was Elvis from the 70’s not the 50’s but I still had a dance and a laugh with the girls. Particularly funny was watching middle aged men dancing or as I kept saying “Accountant!”. I did give in and leave at midnight, leaving my drinking buddies behind, but all in all a good night.

I also, finally, saw my Financial Advisor. That might make me sound as if I am loaded and have to plan my investments but I promise I aren’t, well not yet anyway! Here’s where I get all serious for a moment. If you aren’t planning for your future then start, no matter how old you are, then you can make proper decisions. My fabulous Financial Adviser has put all my pensions into one pot and grown it by 6.1% in the last 3 years, how amazing is that! So, here’s a bit shout out to The Pentelow Practice, and Rob Pentelow in particular for the fantastic job he has done, and continues to do. And, just as importantly for speaking in plain english!