Why I think I’m a better than average mum!

13th June to 19th June

I was in demand this week. One of the methods I use to build my business (Arbonne and The Financial Management Centre) is business networking. An awesome network I attend is 4Networking and I believe in the network so much that I am an area leader. I currently look after 2 groups in the Liverpool area but you also get the opportunity to visit other groups and stand in as Area Leader. As Area Leader you get a shout out in the script so it helps to build your profile and the profile of your business. This week I stood in as the Area Leader for the wonderful Rachael Chiverton and I got a great compliment from the Group Leader Rene Power. He told me that he had been looking forward to meeting me because I always look really glamorous on Facebook, like a movie star! He very quickly stated that he wasn’t hitting on me because he was happily married with 3 kids! Of course the regular readers will know that I look glamorous because of the amazing product which is Arbonne.

I missed Slimming World this week. I have absolutely no valid reason for missing it only that I hadn’t had a good week so I chickened out. Back on it next week!

Scarlett is dancing in a Festival of Dance next week and I very nearly missed buying the tickets! I don’t know if should just write a blog about how to be a completely rubbish mum! Do you know what though? I don’t actually think I am a rubbish mum, I think I’m quite a good mum. I’m not perfect and I have my ups and downs (mostly related to the medication I am on) but I bloody try hard. Here are some of the reasons I think I am a good mum.


  1. I try my best. Isn’t that all you can do? When you have kids you don’t get an manual with it. All you can do is muddle your way through and keep your fingers crossed that it all turns out right in the end.
  2. I try to see things from the kids’ point of view. Kevin getting a bit aggressive..well he is growing up and trying to figure out who’s the man of the house. Scarlet…is moody and weepy…well she does have female hormones raging through her body. It can be hard being a teenager
  3. I try to be funny, well witty anyway. Just because you are a mum doesn’t mean you can’t have a joke with your kids. I have always tried to have fun with my kids no matter how old they are. The wittiness is different now they are teenagers but you can still have a joke with them.
  4. I make an effort to get on with their friends but I don’t try to be part of the gang. Mums and dads aren’t cool, even if you are cool to your friends you will never be cool to your children. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to their friends but don’t try to be one of them.
  5. Know when to give them some distance. When Scarlet and I go shopping we normally go in the shop together, browse separately, then meet up before we get to the till. Which teenager in the world needs mum watching over them when they are picking clothes?
  6. Admit when you are wrong. I have done this since the kids have been little. There have been occasions when I’ve lost my temper and I have even hit them. If this is due to a lose of temper then I apologise after. I think it’s important that kids learn that parents can even be wrong.
  7. Appreciate their opinion. I can get seriously annoyed when they can’t see both sides of an argument but Mr Roberts thinks that’s their age. It doesn’t mean that I don’t ask their opinion, particularly Scarlet with clothes. If they know more than you about something then why not let them know?
  8. Tell them you love them every day, at least once if not twice. My kids are now teenagers and Kevin is nearly 16 but I kiss him every morning and every night. I tell him, and Scarlet, every day that I love them. I wish them a good day at school on a morning and ask if they have had a good day on an evening. Even if they have been told off or punished they still get told that I love them, but maybe not straight after!
  9. Allow them to grow up without making them group up. This is the hardest thing to do. I want to know where they are every minute of the day but this won’t do them any good. I want to make all their decisions so that I think they have made the right one but this won’t do them any good.
  10. Keep every door open because it allows for better negotiation. Recently Scarlet and I went shopping for a new outfit for a party. She picked up a really short pair of shorts and cropped t-shirt. I asked what shoes she would be wearing (her favourite are peep toes) with her thick black tights, she replied that she was going bare legged. Instead of going all “Oh no your not!” I simply said “hmm, legs or tummy, not sure about both”. Now instead of kicking off in the shop she just asked me to help her pick a different outfit…..remember she’s 13!

Just to be clear, these 10 points do not make me the best mum in the world. Maybe if I’m feeling brave next time I’ll post 10 points which make me a bad mum, just to even the score up!