The Power of the Universe

6th June to 8th June

So, if you read the last blog you’ll know that I had a bit of a wobble last week with my confidence. I’ve also written a lot about the development books that I have been reading. I’m not very good at starting self-help books but I am even worse at finishing them! So, as I’ve been feeling a bit shaky I thought I would go back to the one that changed my live in the first place…The Chimp Paradox. I am not very good at reading (or listening to) self- help books but I am even worse at finishing them! I have slipped back into some bad habits of late, losing my sense of humour and getting wound up at some of the littlest things. It instantly made me start to feel better, if only because it reminded me that I have a human brain and a chimp brain and to decide which one should be in charge at which time.

One of the other books I have been listening was “The Secret” and also “Think and Grow Rich” both of which talk about how thinking about positive things help them come to you. Well bizarrely the section of The Chimp Paradox I started listening to was talking about being with your troop and how the chimp and the human handle being in groups of people. The chimp wants only to be with close friends and family who they know love and care about you, whereas the human is taught to be friends with everyone. Isn’t it bizarre that just when I needed to know why someone who I didn’t know very well could make me question myself I turned to that section of the book. Maybe what we put out into the universe can come back to us?

Arbonne finally had a flash sale! When they do one of these sales they have really good free gifts. This particular offer was a free RE9 Advanced for Men Anti-Ageing Moisturiser, a free RE9 Advanced for Men Eye Repair Cream and an Arbonne Gym bag. One of my contacts was ready to sign up as a Preferred Client so we put everyone’s orders together to ensure that she achieved the required level of sale and she got the free gift. Arbonne have also made some amazing changes to the Preferred Client offer which include free delivery and a free gift when you sign up…..on top of a discount of at least 20%!! If you aren’t sure if it’s for you then there is a 45-day money back guarantee on Preferred Client!!

I also met up with some old friends on Wednesday evening. We all used to work together until the end of June/July 2015 and, I have to confess, I did worry that we wouldn’t have much in common once we had all left work but I shouldn’t have worried. The conversation flowed as usual. I also gave out some Arbonne samples because some of them would be excellent consultants!!

Next time…..we cover the national press!



Memory like a sieve!

I have forgotten so many things over the course of the last few postings! So here is a catch up on what has been happening over the last few weeks.

I’ve been listening to a couple of audio books both really about the same thing but delivered in a completely different way. The first one I started was Think and Grow Rich which was first written  in 1937 and is claimed to be still as relevant today as it was when it was first written. Now who am I to dispute that but what I will say is that it’s hard going to listen to. So, rather than give in, I hate giving in with books, I decided to come back to it and listen to another book at the same time. So I also started to listen to The Secret which is much easier to listen to but a little bit flowery for me. I’ll continue to listen to both of them but, and this is paraphrasing a  little bit (!), they both talk about the power of positive thinking. One is from a more business perspective where is one is more about life. I think I’m going to try something a bit different next time. A friend has recommended Mastering Your Mean Girl and I’ve also just bought A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled which has also just been recommended to me and I’m really looking forward to reading both of them. You’d never guess that I list reading as one of my hobbies!

I m20160501_193743anaged to completely avoid a massive Victoria Sponge Cake bought for the family. It was hard but what made it easier was that the 3 of them (Kevin, Scarlett and the hubby) managed to eat the whole lot in 2 days! Keep reading the blog to catch up with how I am getting on with the whole no sugar thing…’s not getting any easier!CYyUqlwWYAAJR3C

I’ve decided to start shooting videos to show how easy it is to use the Arbonne range and the amazing results you can get from the product. I hope it’s easier to see the products and also to prove that it is me using them without filters to make the products look good, what you see really is me! Here are the results from the 30 day Arbonne RE9 challenge. I can certainly see a difference, I hope you can!

I have been having lots of meetings about Arbonne, including a launch party for one of my consultants, and my hard work is starting to pay off. This company really is amazing, next on the blog list is why I love Arbonneso much!