Is it getting easier or harder??

Well, isn’t that just the million dollar question! The answer is that some of it is and some of it isn’t. One of the main issues in my life is that I go for things hell for leather when I first start and things then just drift off once something else “shiny” comes along. Now I am on the third week of my blog, and all the changes I have implemented have settled down, it’s getting hard to stay on track with somethings (particularly the food). Well, here goes……


This is the easiest thing to do. Alcohol does some really bad things to us and we all take it so much for granted as part of our lives. There is actually a school of thought which says that drinking alcohol is as bad as taking class A drugs. I’m not sure that I agree with that but here are some of the impact that drinking alcohol has on our appearance:

  1. It dehydrates the organs…..and the biggest organ in your body is your skin….so results in dry skin.
  2. It deprives the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients and the skin disorder Rosacea is linked to alcohol.
  3. Its fattening! A pint of 4% beer or two double gin and tonics equals around one burger.
  4. Alcohol can also cause your face to look bloated and puffy and you might find it bloats your stomach too.
  5. Many believe the toxins in alcohol contribute to the build up of cellulite.
  6. If, for the ladies, you don’t take your make up off because you are drunk then it can lead to spots
  7. Liver processes most of the alcohol you drink, but some of it leaves the body straight through your breath, sweat and urine….think of the smell!

All of that sounds horrible! I am not claiming to be a saint, nor am I claiming to that I will permanently go without alcohol, but I will continue to be tee-total until some point when I want a drink. At the moment I’m just not sure when that will be!


This is where it is getting hard. It isn’t the doing without sugar on it’s own which is difficult but the planning that needs to go into not eating sugar. One of my biggest issues, when trying to eat properly, is that it involves planning and preparation and I have always been really bad at that. On top of that sugar is in so many convenience foods that I have to plan what I am going to eat. There are also moments in my life, normally at period time, when I have a desperate urge to eat sugar. But I managed to stick to the no-sugar and……….lost 4 pounds at Slimming World! If you add this to the 3 pound I lost before I joined then I have now lost 1/2 stone by changing how I treat my body.


Still not done masses of exercise, although I did walk the 2km to Slimming World class so I have done something. However, the 5km is in 6 weeks
so training needs to start in earnest in the coming weeks because I am determined to do it!


Another thing which is hard to keep up to once you have started seeing some results! I think I have missed one day in the whole time I have been doing the 4 week challenge. But I am starting to see some real results. This picture on the right is the picture which was taken 1 week in from starting the Arbonne regime. My face does look slightly red as it is after applying Arbonne and has, literally, just been massaged in


One thought on “Woo Hoo….Starting to see results!

  1. This is very therapeutic for you because not only are you getting your personal life back on track but you are recognising your own shortcomings. I think this time you will persevere and reach your goal


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